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affordable, fair and necessary

After registering, you can try out your budget book free for one month. At the end of the trial period you can continue to use the app by choosing one of the following monthly packages.'

  • NO hidden financing from analyzing or sharing data
  • instead a simple, transparent and fair price model
  • 1 month with no cost and no obligation.
  • Flexible monthly packages
  • NO subscription. No automatic extension. No cancellation necessary

We could technically offer this site "completely and absolutely free". The costs of development and maintenance would then have to be funded some other way. The easiest solution would be analyzing and selling your data. For example: You record an expense for "summer vacation" and we show you an ad for travel insurance. We could also sell your data directly to the insurance company...

Does that sound like something you'd like? No? We don't like it either! As an IT company we earn our money by developing and selling good software. NOT by selling data. Our commitment to this can be found in our data privacy policy.

The operation, upkeep and maintenance of the site result in constant costs. This is why we cannot offer the web app for free. With our price model you get a fair offer.

If you have already purchased one of the existing apps for smartphone or tablet, we want to show our appreciation. If you:

  • Purchased a year package of the web app
  • Purchased the premium update for one of the smartphone of tablet apps
  • Linked the app from your smartphone or tablet to the web app account

Then you'll receive a 2-month package for free! This bonus is valued over $6.00. This can be used to completely or partially make up for the cost of your app purchases.

Product Price Purpose
Primoco web app starting at $2 per month One month in full control of your personal finances. Lots of savings.
1-2 scoops of ice cream $2 Small refreshment for about 5 minutes
Breakfast cereals $2,50 Tasty but will not last a month
visit to the movie theater $10 - 20 Entertainment four about 2-3 hours
Music streaming & other online services starting at $10 per month Personal radio
Telephone and internet $20 - 40 per month Constant Contact

Conclusion: This list speaks for itself. At just 2 EUR per month, your Primoco web app account is definitely a very affordable expense. At the same time, the value and long term benefits are much larger than with other day-to-day items. So what's the better option…?

3 months

$ 15

5.00$ per month

Test for free

6 months

$ 22

3.67$ per month

27% Discount

Test for free

12 months

$ 34

2.83$ per month

43% Discount

Best Option

Test for free

(Purchases can be made after registering and logging in under my account)

The fees can be paid to us directly via PayPal. If the account is not extended it will remain inactive and will not accept any more entries. The account can also be completely deleted if desired.