Manage income and expenses

Large expenses like rent, credit cards, insurance, etc. are easy to keep track of. The much smaller day-to-day expenses and payments, however, are quickly overlooked. These are the things that drain your budget a lot quicker than expected.

Primoco helps you regain an overview of your finances. Expenses can be tracked quickly and easily with just a few taps or clicks. With the accompanying MoneyControl app for your smartphone or tablet, you can even make updates while at the register in the supermarket. Instead of a frustrating mess, keeping track of your finances becomes a piece of cake.

Include additional details (categories, accounts, people, groups) when you track your income and expenses to guarantee an ever better overview. You can manage and use these additional details as you wish.

Reccurring payments

Many expenses like rent, insurance, etc. as well as paychecks occur regularly. For these entries you only need to create one reoccurring entry and Primoco will automatically update them for you. You can choose custom intervals like weekly, monthly or yearly.

Reoccurring entries are shown as a preview for future months so you can be aware of upcoming payments and avoid surprises.

Diagrams and Analyses

The app clearly displays all entries, but a look at the graph will often give you a better idea of where too much was spent and where you can save. Primoco offers you the ability to visualize your entries with multiple graphs.

Various fully customizable Analyses give you a deeper look into your personal finances, for example an account statement or detailed report. These analyses help you to pinpoint problem areas and find solutions.

Apps and Synchronization

Primoco isn't just available as a web app (since 2015). It has also been available for years in various versions for smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers.

Whether iPhone, iPad, iMac, Android smartphone oder tablet: All these systems already have their own version of MoneyControl. These versions can, of course, be synched with your web app account.

At the supermarket with no signal? No problem - Save your expense in the MoneyControl app on your smartphone. As soon as you have a signal again, your data will be transfered to your web app account and you can view it later on the big screen back at your computer.


Data security and safety is our highest priority.Being a German company, we're used to super strict data security regulations. For the web app we only use servers located in Germany and Europe. When you sync using the smartphone or tablet version of the app, your data is transferred over a secure encrypted connection.

As an IT company we develop and sell software, NOT data or ads. We don't analyze your data or sell it. See our privacy policy to learn more.